Riverdale – S01 E07

Last week was crazy and that’s why I didn’t blog. I wanted to keep up with I simple couldn’t! Anyhow, I’ll be recapping the episodes anyway. So let’s begin!

This episode really is about finding Polly, who fled. It’s also about the relationship between Veronica and her mom, but also about Jughead and his dad.

So, when Riverdale found out Polly was pregnant with Jason’s baby, everybody started searching for her. Even Cheryl: who was surprisingly very kind to Betty. I wasn’t surprised when Betty found Polly in their addict. But I really like their connection with eachother. I think this is a really strong concept in the series.

Also, Veronica is going wild because of her mother. Veronica wants to win the battle and wants her mom to confess, so she’s starting to act unresponsible. Once Hermoine knows what Veronica wants, they come to terms.

I was also pretty weird to see Jugheads dad, I mean, I thought Jughead really was homeless but we found out he has a sort of estranged relationship with his dad. I was great to see them ‘reconnect’.

Also, I ship Bughead so much! They are SO adorable.

And I have to say something about the background music in this episode. I was ON POINT! (like literally always)

The next episode of Riverdale airs March 17th.


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