Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy – S13 E15

Yay! Grey’s!

I don’t know why, but I loved this episode! Let me explain.

First of; NATHAN AND MEREDITH! YAS. FINALLY (kind of). I ship them so hard you don’t even know. Of course, MerDer is ship #1 and McDreamy will always be my favorite, but Meredith deserves a knew lover and deserves that kind of love! So I was so happy when Nathan said he would wait for Meredith and whenever she’s ready.. I hope in the upcoming episodes they become a couple because I ship them SO HARD. Who’s with me?

This episode was also about the Minnick drama and honestly? I get kind of fed up with that. It’s been a lot of episodes and sure, it’s coming to an end (the Minnick drama) but I’m so done with literally everybody being so selfish. Just give Eliza a chance!

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love Jackson (he is a total bae), but honestly? In this episode he needs to grow up. He is acting so damn childish that I couldn’t even stand him. Just grow up Jackson!

I also don’t really know what the deal with Owen and Amelia is. I get it: Amelia is scared of getting pregnant and losing that child (just like she has experienced) but seriously? Why does she blame Owen for it? They can get through this together, right?!

It’s kinda sad the next episode is only about Jackson and April, because I would love to know when Meredith finally chooses Nathan, but anyhow, I’m excited!

The next episode airs March 17th.


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