Modern Family

Modern Family – S08 E16

Another fun episode of Modern Family.

I instantly loved this episode: it started of with Phil being funny af! First, he sits in a inflatable babypool and after several seconds he trips when Luke accidently releases the chord. I don’t know why but I just think Phil is the best character in this show.

I laughed really hard when Gloria said: “You know it’s loud when you can’t hear MY VOICE.” Which is so true and so funny.

I loved Haley and Mitchell’s relationship in this episode! I didn’t know they were that close. I also really loved when Haley ‘confessed’ she fills in her eyebrows.. so funny!

Also, that moment when Claire swallowed that fish.. lol Claire! You’re absolutely crazy.

This was a funny episode!

The next episode airs on March 15th.


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