Are You The One?

Are You The One? – S05 E09

It’s finally time for some drama again!

So, this episodes starts of with Derrick saying they should go with strategy – and so off they go. They figure out a way so that they will get 11 beams. They’re doing a great job but unfortunately Derrick’s strategy isn’t right (read more on

Michael is hella pissed is episode and I think Derrick responds very immature. I get why Michaels pissed and Derrick shouldn’t be so mad about it. They’re fight really’s going big: even security steps in!

I thought this week’s challenge was kind of weird – especially because you don’t really get to choose properly who you’re date is, so the matches that go on date aren’t really strong.

So – shit is going down. Hannah kisses Joey and later when Joey tells Casandra, she flips out. I really understand her! Hannah was throwing shade at Alicia for doing that to Ozzy and herself, but at the same time she’s exactly doing the same to Joey and Casandra. So hypocrite!

Truth booth time – the house sends Derrick and Tyranny in, but they choose to accept Ryan’s offer and traded the truth booth for $150.000. I think they made the right decision.

At the Matchup ceromony Shannon literally screws up for everybody, choosing Tyler instead of Derrick. Referring to the math of, they weren’t on the right strategy anyway.

They got 9 beams! I’m very curious about next week: what are they gonna do? Are they gonna win this thing?

Also, I can’t wait for the spin-off series of Are You The One? I’m very curious about it and I’ll be definitely be watching it.

The season finale airs March 15th.


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