You Me Her

You Me Her – S02 E03

I discovered this TV Show thanks to Netflix and I instantly loved it! The 2nd season started a few weeks ago and now it’s time for the 3rd episode.

I really thought this season was going to be about Emma finding out she’s actually a lesbian instead of bisexual (thanks to previous episodes) but in this episode she kind of proves to Jack that she loves him just as much as Izzy. I really like the trouple: it’s so unordinary and I love their dynamic.

This episode was also about Jack taking a job interview. I still don’t understand why he exactly quit his job.. but if he’s more happy in this way I won’t argue 🙂

There were also some other things happening in this episode like, Lori and her daughter, Jack and Andy, Izzy and Emma thinking Jack is cheating on them. But these weren’t like really ordinary in my opinion.

I liked this episode but it wasn’t the best I’ve seen.

The next episode aired today (March 8th!) which I’ll be watching right now!


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