Shadowhunters – S02 E10

I LOVE this new season of Shadowhunters and ahh – I LOVED this episode.

This episode was the winter finale – and I’m kind of sad because of that, because I loved this episode so much and there where so much things happening. I really want to know how it ends!

This episode was fun of action and tension – Valentine breaks into the Institute and keeps Simon as hostage because he wants Clary to active the Soul Sword. Why? Well Clary has pure angleblood and only someone with angleblood can activate it. I was TERRIFIED when Valentine kept Simon as a hostage – especially¬†when he cut Simon’s throat. Damn, that was some gory shit.

I loved how all the Downworlders teamed up together to ‘destroy’ Valentine. It’s sad some of them had to die in the progess of that. They were brave.

Because I read the books I already knew Jace isn’t Clary’s brother and isn’t the demon son, but I was still shocked by the moment Jace grabbed the Soul Sword and activated it. I guess it was Valentines plan all along.

What I really don’t understand is Raphael. I kind of ship him with Izzy, but at the same time, I also don’t. I don’t know, he’s just a very weird vampire. I don’t think he has genuine feelings for Izzy and that he is just playing with her mind. Another thing that I didn’t understand was why Raphael still lived after the attack. I thought he was with the other Downworlders that wanted to take Valentine down and died in the process. Am I wrong, or?

Eventhough Clary and Simon are SUPER CUTE, I still ship Clace very much. I was devasted at the ending of the episode when Jace wanted to tell Clary that he’s not her brother, but he decided not to tell her once he saw her with Simon. It frustrates me a little, you know? I know Clary’s more in love with Jace then she’s with Simon.

And eventhough I already knew Simon was going to be a Daylighter (a vampire being able to walk into sunlight etc), I forgot! So when he stood in the sunlight, I remembered. It’s because he drank blood from Jace, someone with real angleblood! I guess this is pretty hard to understand for people who haven’t read the books, but I still think it’s very cool. I love how far they’re comparing it to the books.

So, I absolutely loved this episode and I can’t wait until the next episode. It’s so sad we still have to wait until June 6th! Ugh!


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