Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin – S03 E13

It’s been a few days since Chapter Fifty-Seven of Jane the Virgin aired, but I just saw it I wanted to share what I thought about this episode.

So the show starts of with a previously on.. obviously! This episode’s gonna be about Mateo and his new aide, Jane and her new publisher, Rafael and Abbey’s relationship, Petra and Chuck’s relationship and Xiomara and Bruce’s relationship!

The thing about Mateo is that she’s a really wild child, it’s like he has a really bad temper and he takes that out on his peers. So: Jane and Rafael decide to give him an aide to see if that changes anything.. and I hope it will! Mateo is such a cutie.

I’m kind of iffy when it comes to Petra being literally the Queen B of the moms when it comes to Mateo’s (and Anna and Ella’s) school. Eventhough Petra changed, I don’t like her being in charge of things. So when Jane is the outsider of the mom groups, Petra sort of helps her. And how this is done in this episode is quite funny.

I don’t know what to think about Jane’s new publisher though. He really is just a frat boy. but eventhough that, he is really cute.

I was kind of surprised when Rafael broke up with Abbey.. I totally didn’t expect that. I thought they really had a great relationship, but unfortunately.

I also really don’t know about Petra and Chuck’s relationship.. I don’t really think Chuck is the right man for Petra. So I was kind of happy when Petra told Chuck the truth.. I secretly hope they break up.

And then that proposal of Bruce.. I literally sat there like; Rogelio please shut your mouth! Eventhough the actual plan was a disaster is was still kind of cute how Bruce proposed. They’re engaged: yay!

And lastly, I knew something was up with whole Scott fiasco – I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I still have no idea what’s going on but I’m so excited for the next episode. Was Abbey the one who sent that package to the police? Who knows?

What did you think of this episode?

The next episode of Jane the Virgin airs on the 14th of March!


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