Are You The One?

Are You The One? – S05 E08

Well hello fellow show addicts! Today it’s time for some hardcore drama, aka, Are You The One? It’s the 8th episode of this season so I guess shit is gonna get real. The house really needs to get their shit together if they still want to win their $500.000. So let’s watch.. shall we?

This episode starts off with Kari being mad af.. and I totally understand her! I think it’s ridiculous that the confirmed no mathes are still continuing their relationships with eachother and are ruining it for the rest of the house.

This weeks challenge is ex-boyfriends showing up, which is actually my favorite challenge of this show! It’s so fun seeing all the exes of everyone.

Literally, I think Gianna needs to shut the fuck up. She’s always throwing shade at Carolina for liking Hayden and I think that’s just selfish!

Hayden wins the challenge and takes Carolina on a date (suprisingly) and the other winner is Michael, who picks Kathryn to accompany him on their date. This date sounds super fun to me and it also looks so amazing! I really love to go to the Dominic Republic one day and do that.

Joey is so adorable! He sets up a Froot Loops date with Casandra and gosh I can’t. Isn’t he just the cutest ever?

Oh again – Gianna really needs to shut the hell up. I’m so sick and tired of her!

Truth Booth time! The house voted Hayden and Carolina in and yes – just what I expected. They’re a perfect match! YAY! Now it’s party time.

I don’t really know what I think of Alicia. She really is a slut, but again, she’s also a cool chick.

Aw, Kam and Eddie are so cute together. I really am glad they enjoy the Honeymoon Suite.

Matchup Ceromony time! Shit is about to get real. It’s just like every other Matchup Ceromony – literally everybody throwing shade to eachother. This time it’s Gianna saying the confirmed no matches need to split up which I actually agree on! Taylor/Andre and Hannah/Ozzy are so hypocrite. When Hayden and Gianna were a confirmed no match they were throwing shade at them for continuing their relationship but now that they’re caught up in the middle they do the same. So immature!

I literally peed my pants because of Ryan. I thought it was hilarious that he yelled ‘Shut the fuck up’ and suddenly everybody was calm. Go Ryan!

This week they get 5 beams.. not quite the improvement comparing it to the last episode – 4 beams. I really think this is the first house who’s not gonna win eventually.

So that was it! I really enjoyed this episode because it was full of drama (like always!) and it’s somehow quite entertaining seeing them struggle. I know I sound like a bitch but it’s just really funny. I just think they need to get their shit together and go for it!

I’m quite excited for the next episode and I’ll see you next week!


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